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Geoff Fleming has been qualified to provide an electrical spotting service for over 12 years keeping people safe working near
power lines. Initially Geoff developed relationships other spotter service providers who he could call on to assist if he was double booked.
Since then QSS Management has grown to become the most reliable provider of quality spotters and now also other services apart from workplace spotting for service assets.  QSS Management has spotters located throughout Melbourne and Geelong and are qualified for Electrical Spotting in Victoria.
Services now include:
  • Spotting
  • Dogging
  • Rigging
  • Traffic Control ( personnel only )
  • Confined space ( Personnel only )
  • Alimak
  • Fork lift
  • Labouring
As one of only 2 spotters on the 2012 committee reviewing the Electrical Safety Spotters course Geoff a has great knowledge of the
requirements to becoming qualified to provide Electrical Spotting services.

Geoff is fully qualified and registered with Energy Safe Victoria and all employed by QSS Management are qualified to provide electrical spotting for the plant and equipment being used.
While getting an Electrical Spotter from QSS Management wont make the difference between the success or failure of a project, it will comply with the law and keep you and your staff safe.
Available all days and to ALL Melbourne suburbs as well as Geelong, Ballarat, most of Gippsland and some Victorian regional cities.
Ph 0419 415 925

QSS Management also has an affiliation with Forward Safely who provide similar services.  See www.electricalspotter.com.au for more details.
Call to ensure you and your staff are safe near power lines.

Think safety
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Lifting Trusses
QSS is fully insured with $20M Public Liability insurance through Sura for Labour Hire.
Looking for work?
On occassions QSS Management require others to fill in and help with the work load.  
Spotters, dogmen, riggers, labourers, etc are required from time to time.  
Other general staff are also required outside just the construction industry.
If you would like to assist me by working under my banner please contact me with your details on the form provided on the contact page or text your details to:
 0419 415 925

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